Finding Home on the Homestead with Angela from Axe & Root

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Through sharing her homesteading journey, Angela has been shaping relationships and opening a window to the farming life at a time when people are less familiar with where food comes from. “I don’t homestead and raise my children this way because it’s trendy or interesting to others. It’s a lifestyle that stems from my values and I hope that it equips my children with skills that many no longer have…”

Simple Changes with Kelsey Jorissen

Consumerism in the time of climate change, life on the farm, and why every little bit matters.

The food that we eat has a dramatic impact on the environment, animal welfare, our health, and the footprint that we leave on this earth.

Sweeter in Vermont

Ethan and Annina, founders of the Republic of Vermont, are pioneering what it means to run a sustainable small farm business.
The Republic of Vermont is a small scale apiary and organic maple sugaring operation, tending hives and tapping trees in rural Vermont.

Growing Simple with Nick Ager

Starting at a young age, Nick continues to encourage new gardeners to try their hand at producing their own food. “Growing up, I would go and pick seeds out in our neighbors garden, I was always doing something outside all of the time. That was a passion that I never gave up…now I do it because it’s a way of life.”

Slowing Down with LaLa Murphy

Relish the crunching snow underfoot as the crisp winter air draws a silent breath. Fingers freezing, heart is warm.
As “a homesteader that happens to work with herbs,” Lauren started LaLa Earth after taking two herbal apprenticeships and finding that she had a passion for plants.